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Welcome ComicCon Peeps

We’ve been having a great time at Wizard World ComicCon this weekend! It has re-sparked Brad and my need to podcast. We have been guest hosting on Dead Days Radio but expect something from...


Live in iTunes

Yesterday afternoon the podcast was approved into iTunes! Subscribe if you want to and new shows will pop up as soon as we post them on the site.


Recipes and the like…

So I thought I would post this off the main podcast in case there are any additional questions.



Today is the official first day of recording. We have our bumpers recorded for the most part, our intro is all set and now we just need the main audio. Wish us luck in...


Coming Soon to an Earhole Near You…

Random Geeks podcast has been in the making for almost 20 years now. Two friends with lots of memories and experiences from just living life. True geeks in every since of the word. So prepare to...