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So I thought I would post this off the main podcast in case there are any additional questions.

I am going to stick with talking about the Boston Butt (Pulled Pork), if you want how to’s on other types, just ask.


So selecting the meat. I usually look for a medium size. (6-8 lbs.) You want a bright red, fresh piece of pork. A Boston butt will be bone in also.

Boston Butt




This picture shows the selection I made. Notice the large fat cap on the right side. This can be removed, but can also be left as it will mostly melt away during the cooking process. I the fat cap is more that ½ thick, remove or trim it down as it will be too thick and melt off all of your seasoning, and prevent the smoke from penetrating.



The next step is optional, but worth it for the flavor profile it creates. Creating an injection brine/marinade not only adds those flavors, but will keep your meat from drying out during the smoking process. Here is my recipe:

½ Cup Apple Juice

½ Cup Apple Cider Vinegar

1 ½ Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce

2 Tablespoons of Seasoning Salt





Notice that the salt didn’t mix fully into the liquid. This happens, no big deal. As for the injector, this is just a cheap flavor injector I got for a couple bucks from your local housewares retailer.





Now just start injecting this all over the meat until it seems the meat will not hold more of the fluid and starts to release extra marinade.





Notice I am injecting in a pan with deep sides, and on plastic wrap. But in this photo you can see the marinade running out from the meat as I press on the injector, this is how I can tell it is full of marinade on this area of the meat.





At this point you can wrap it in plastic and set it in your fridge for up to 24 hrs. I wouldn’t suggest longer than that. You will also want to take it out an hour prior to smoking to get the meat to room temp.


After injecting it is time to add the rub. My recipe is simple, feel free to add your own flavors. Rule of thumb is sugar to salt 2:1


Rub Mix


½ Cup Dark Brown Sugar (packed)

2 Tablespoon white sugar

3 tablespoon seasoning salt

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1 tablespoon granulated garlic

1 tablespoon cayenne pepper (optional)

Mix all ingredients well



Another optional step at this point is rub your pork with a bit of yellow mustard to help the rub stick. Since I brine, I normally don’t need mustard as the meat will be moist and take the rub really well.

Rub Applied




Just apply and rub it on and cover the whole piece of meat. (Don’t let the camera fool you, this is a large cut of meat.)





Rub fully applied












Now the hard part is done. Time to smoke. Your smoker should be set to 225° F. I use a charcoal water smoker. I also use  charcoal, and never use the pre-fueled  as it has binders and additives to keep the fluid in the coal. I use many different types of woods to smoke as well. This time around I used apple and hickory. You can buy chips just about anywhere. Just keep the smoke up as long as possible.

You will cook pork until it his about 190° F to pull 160° F to slice. Rule of thumb for cooking is 1.5 hrs per pound, this varies via equipment, weather, temperature, meat used.

On the Smoker




Put that badboy on the smoker and leave it be for a good 2 hours. Make sure you keep the temp up and you have plenty of smoke. As you can see here I just put the meat on and there is a good amount of water in a water pan directly under the meat and above the coals.





After the initial 2 hours have passed you are going to want to mop it every 1 to 1.5 hrs. My mop sauce is so easy.

mix ½ and ½ Apple Juice and Apple cider Vinegar.




To apply my mop sauce, I bout a cheap (a dollar I think), sprayer from my local housewares retailer. it was in the beauty section.







Mop the Meat...Yummo delicious!



Here you can see the meat is getting a nice crust and I just give it a good spritz every hour to hour and a half. Also on the bottom left you can see the wood chips in water. Again I add these throughout the smoking process to keep up the smoke and add that delicious flavor. These are just tossed into the hot coals.





Keep up this process until it reaches your desired temp. I took this off the grill at 185° F and pulled it. Don’t let it go past 190° F as it will start to dry out.

Freshly done

Here we are 14 hours later and all ready to pull. Looks nice!!!









Pulling 101:

I begin by pulling out the bone.

Clean Bone




A good twist and it should pull right out.






Just look at that smoke ring

Smoke Ring




The dark part is not burnt meat, that is the bark which is crystallized sugars and salts. Tons of flavor! The dark red is the smoke ring. That is what smoking is all about.




Just continue pulling until the whole thing is pulled. You do not need to keep all of the fat, but will want some of it in the pulling as well.  There will be a good amount of juice released as well when pulling. feel free to pour this on top of the meat when done or dunk the pullings in it. It’s pure tastiness.

Time to eat…

All pulled



Brad “Scooter” Proctor is Risk Consultant for a Fortune 100 company, gamer, and now podcaster. He lives in Des Moines, Iowa with his wife of 8 years and his 2 year old daughter, which he enjoys re-experiencing all of his favorite things with. In February 2012, Brad co-launched Random Geeks Podcast, with long-time friend Josh Jungling, with an emphasis of a no agenda “random” topic, to be covered on each podcast. Early in life Brad had an interest in video games and movies. In September 1991, Brad got his first console system, the SNES. Since then he has played or owned most every major console gaming system released in the U.S; his favorite console game still being Super Mario World. In early childhood, Brad enjoyed watching T.M.N.T., Transformers, Fraggle Rock, and other 80’s and early 90’s programs. He also enjoyed many Sci-Fi and Action Adventure movies such as Star Wars, Highlander, Labyrinth, The Wizard, and many others. Brad is an avid fisherman, and enjoys annual fishing excursions with his father to South Dakota and Canada. He tends to fish mostly for Walleye, but his true passion is Pike and Muskie fishing.

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