Random Geeks #01: BBQ!

In our inaugural episode we talk about what the show will be about, the phone apps we’re using, The Walking Dead mid-season premiere, The Phantom Menace in 3D, BBQ and smoking.

App Tap
Brad – PDANet (Free) – Android Marketplace
Josh – Total Baby ($4.99) – iTunes

Random Mentions
Mattel is releasing a hoverboard replica.
Nike auctioned off 1500 pairs of the MAG from BTTF2.

The Main Event
Grills, smokers, steaks, ribs, Boston Butts.

As promised look here for more information.




Josh "JuggleNuts" Jungling also lives in Des Moines with his wife of 10 years, his nine-month old daughter (who is currently crawling everywhere) and two dachshunds. He works for the State of Iowa doing computer / statistical projects. He was turned into a geek at a very early age with his first gaming experiences: the TI-99 and the NES. From there he started tinkering with computers; the first of which was a black & white Tandy laptop (it didn't even have Windows on it). The natural progression of geekdom continued from there with taking computers apart, putting them back together, T.M.N.T., Goldeneye, Doom, Doom II... the list goes on and on and on.

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  1. peachy_dmg says:

    Very entertaining! Who new there was so much to BBQ!

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